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The first coffee table book on all the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (FSAT)

Award 2016 : The book "Stopover on edge of the world" was awarded the Alexandre de la Roquette (1870) of Geographical French Society for the year 2016.

Authors : Stéphanie LÉGERON (oceindia@icloud.com) and Bruno MARIE (insularis@me.com)
Éditor : Insulae éditions, La Réunion - Mail : oceindia@icloud.com
Preface : Nicolas Hulot

Complete presentation (english pdf file) :

Size : 250 mm x 280 mm ht - 448 color pages - Hard cover - ISBN : 979-10-95-523-10-9 - Release date : january 2016 - Price : 45,00 euros

Think you know France ? All of France, including its overseas? Don't be so sure ! Exclusive, beautiful 448-page book prefaced by Nicolas Hulot finally unveils the most extreme French lands. FSAT ! A huge maritime area (more than the quarter of waters under French jurisdiction), the largest French nature reserve, extraordinary islands, be they tropical, subtropical, subantarctic, and even a portion of the Antarctic continent that stretches to the South Pole !

Located off the beaten tracks, the FSAT belong to the last almost original sanctuaries of the planet. They consist of islands dispersed in the Indian Ocean - Scattered Islands, Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagos, Saint-Paul and Amsterdam Islands - and of Adelia Land, in Antarctica. Those natural treasures are part of internationally recognized lands of science. In the FSAT's isolated territories, France provides a continuous presence, through technical and scientific bases, or small military camps. Among difficult exploration attempts, seal industry or multiple shipwrecks in the southern seas, the FSAT also contain hidden gems of our own history...

Stopovers on the edge of the world is the fruit of two years of work and long reports throughout the FSAT. It is the first ever coffee table book dedicated to those remote overseas. Travel story, historical summaries, more than 1,200 photos, 30 detailed maps, 65 stories, 48 sheets on wild fauna and flora... Go and explore without delay our last hidden heritage, and you will embark on a out of the ordinary journey…

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